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Special Tributes Opportunity.

Help us meet our mission and support our important work while honoring a person or pet that is special to you.

Our mission

Healthy Animals. Healthy People. Healthy Environments.

One Health Organization honors One Health families by assisting people in need, particularly seniors and those with disabilities, to access affordable veterinary care services for dogs and cats who live with them. Now we invite you to honor a person or pet that is or has been especially significant in your life and to support this essential program with your gift.

Your gift can be made In Honor of a living person or pet or In Memory of a person or pet now gone but never forgotten. Your Tribute will be listed on the Tributes page of this website and in our Annual Report for the fiscal year. Visit the Tributes page now to view past tributes and to enter the donations page to make your tribute gift.

To learn more about how One Health Organizations honors the human-animal bond through services to seniors and their pets, watch the short video below. You’ll meet several of the seniors at the Westerly Apartments in Lakewood, Ohio and hear how in-home veterinary care for their pets has made a difference in their lives.

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, contributions to One Health Organization are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. 

We help keep pets and people healthy in different places.

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One Health Programs

Pet care services: We help people in need access veterinary care services for dogs and cats in their homes (that is- veterinarians come to you). Check out our short 3 minute video below to see how meaningful it is for older pet owners to have these services provided in their homes.

Sustaining Healthy Communities Tour: We help people understand who are most susceptible to accidentally getting a disease from an animal (YOPIES), and ask all pet owners to 3UP as an easy way to remember how anyone can reduce their risks of accidentally getting a preventable disease from an animal. Follow us to see where we will be next and check out what we have to offer.

Student Support: We help students on their way to fulfilling and rewarding careers that collectively impact the health of animals, people, and environments. If you are a student in any field and are looking to help make a difference in the world, please contact us about career advice or volunteering. Volunteers can get the opportunity to add something meaningful to their resume, receive a letter of recommendation (depending on the volunteer activity), strengthen a skill, or learn a new one.

To find out more, call us at 216-920-3051.