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We help people living with pets, and those that serve them. 

We are particularly interested in helping people who are most susceptible to accidentally getting a disease from an animal (i.e. zoonotic disease). Over 65% of all emerging diseases have an animal origin. Think rabies, avian and swine flu, and more recently Ebola virus. Most of the available information can be found online through the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. However, much of this information may be difficult to understand. It can also be a challenge to find what you really want to know.

Your veterinarian may know a lot about the diseases that are a concern to you. And they can help you prevent common diseases that can make your pet sick. If you don’t currently have a veterinarian, or you’re considering a change, please visit our list of participating veterinary partners.

Learn more about Our Programs.

Pet Health Care Program: Vouchers for Eligible One Health Family Members

This program strives to help people living with pets get the resources they need to live a healthy life with their pet. Older adults (55+) and the disabled, as defined by the federal government, seeking financial assistance for necessary veterinary care services must meet eligibility requirements to access available funds for the Pet Health Care Program.

If you have a dog or cat, and need help affording veterinary care services, we may be able to help. If you live in Cuyahoga County or adjacent counties in Northeast Ohio (Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, Geauga, or Portage), we may be able to provide vouchers through our Pet Health Care Program for Eligible One Health Family Members. If you don’t live in these areas, we may be able to help you find other financial resources.

To learn more about available resources, search our Pet Parent Resource page. To receive Vouchers, consider becoming a One Health Family Member. Contact us by phone during normal business hours or send us an email about how you can become a Member.

If you want to help older adults and the disabled access these services, please consider a donation of $5, $10, or more. Thank you for your kind consideration!

Sustaining One Health Communities Program

This program strives to maintain or increase the health of people and pets in your community through learning opportunities.

To learn more about this program,  past accomplishments in providing learning opportunities, and how we plan to provide learning opportunities in the future, look for our blog posts. 

If you want to help bring this kind of learning opportunity to anyone who needs it, consider a gift of $5, $10, or more. Thank you for your kind consideration!

One Health Workforce Development Program

This program strives to ensure that people who work with the animals are adequately trained and credentialed to provide effective services. 

Look for blog posts that describe this program in greater detail, the past success of this program, and jobs that may be available working directly with animals or for animals. 

If you want to help assure an adequate workforce for those who work with or for animals, consider a gift of $5, $10, or more. Thank you for your kind consideration!

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