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We help people living with pets, and those that serve them. 

We are particularly interested in helping people who are most susceptible to accidentally getting a disease from an animal. We call these people YOPIES. Over 65% of all emerging (and re-emerging) diseases have an animal origin. These diseases include rabies, avian and swine flu, and more recently Ebola virus. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have worked with veterinarians to identify and inform people about the health impact that these diseases have on animals and people. 

Your veterinarian may know a lot about the diseases that are a concern to you. And they can help you prevent common diseases that can make your pet sick. If you live in Northeast Ohio and don’t currently have a veterinarian, or you’re considering a change, please visit our list of veterinary clinics.

While we would love to help each of the YOPIES, we have a special interest in helping the most vulnerable people living with pets; seniors and those with disabilities living on a low and fixed income. These people are least likely to be able to afford and access the pet healthcare services they need.

In addition to conducting research and providing education, we offer financial assistance to cover the cost of veterinary bills for eligible seniors and the disabled living with a dog or cat, and offer a wide range of resources.

Learn more about our programs below.

Pet Healthcare Program: Vouchers for Eligible Households

This program strives to help people living with pets get the resources they need to live a healthy life with them, especially One Health Family Members. 

If you have a dog or cat, and need help affording veterinary care services, we may be able to help. If you live in Cuyahoga County or adjacent counties in Northeast Ohio (Lake, Geauga, Portage, Summit, Medina or Lorain), we may be able to provide Vouchers if you meet eligibility requirements. If we can't provide financial support, we found other resources that may be able to help you.


Sustaining One Health Communities Program

The goal of this program is to provide information about living healthy with or near pets, primarily to benefit One Health Family Members.

Activities to reach the program goal include:

  1. Keep the Resources for Pet Parents up to date
  2. Publish online articles and make them available through One Health News and social media
  3. Disseminate this information through public events

Since 2008, credible information was disseminated through blogs, e-newsletters, social media, phone calls, oral presentations, published articles, and printed materials made available by mail and exhibit booths in Northeast Ohio. Thousands of people across the globe received information about professional services, those who are most susceptible to accidentally getting a disease from an animal, and simple ways people can stay healthy living with pets. 

One Health Workforce Development Program

The goal of this program is to ensure that pet parents, especially One Health Family Members, can access the services they need to keep their pets (and themselves) healthy at home. 

The following activities are being conducted to reach this goal:

  1. Include a listing of all veterinary clinics located in Northeast Ohio (Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Summit, Medina, and Lorain counties).
  2. Promote the Pet Healthcare Program to Northeast Ohio veterinary clinics
  3. Promote other Northeast Ohio organizations that can help keep pets and people healthy at home through the We Can Help Pet Parents web page

Since 2008, hundreds of students, professionals, and others received information, were coached, and given real-world projects towards careers that help keep pets & people, healthy at home. 

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