Our programs help keep pets & people healthy at home.

We are the only organization in Northeast Ohio dedicated to supporting the unique family bond between people and their pets.

As a non-profit, we rely on Donors

and Volunteers to help meet our mission, and our training means we have a wealth of expertise. 

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  • Jose and his faithful companion, Chico

    “My Chico is my life–he means the world to me. I do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t go without. He’s my lifeline and companion.” –Jose H. and Chico 

    Now, more than ever, it’s important that our work continues as an essential business. For many older adults and people with disabilities like Jose, their pets are their only family and getting outside was difficult even before the pandemic.

    Wondering what you can do to help? Here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

    1. Pay it forward by making a gift today to help older adults and people with disabilities keep their pets healthy.
    2. Email us at Kerri@OneHealth.org with a picture of how you and your pet (if you have one) are spending your days at home, and we’ll post it on the website. You’re a treasured part of the One Health Family, too!
    3. Send a few words of gratitude to our Veterinary Partners for working with our One Health Family Members and other low-income pet parents. You can fill out the online form at Thank You Veterinary Partners.

    Thank you for your partnership. Wishing you health and wellness!

  • “I live on Social Security and receive food stamps, which I confess that I use to pay for Pip’s and Victor’s food. I’m 72 years old, I live alone, and I have multiple sclerosis and advancing arthritis in my back but caring for my pets is my priority. It forces me to remain active. However, the cost to take good care of them can be overwhelming. I put every spare penny I can toward my animals’ continued care and I am sincerely grateful for the help One Health Organization offers. I can’t thank you enough for all the good you do.” – Roberta S., Pip and Victor 

    Without the help of caring people like you, Roberta will continue to struggle to make ends meet. She’ll keep using her food stamps to pay for her pets’ food instead of for herself. She won’t be able to cover veterinary costs for Pip or Victor. Can you be a hero to Roberta, Pip, and Victor? 

  • Life can change quickly. Imagine losing all the people closest to you within several months. Suddenly, the snow globe has been shaken and nothing is as it was. When this happens to an older adult or someone with disabilities, the challenges are even more magnified.

    “Over the course of nine months, I lost my husband, my daughter, and my dog. It was like all the lights went out in my life and I had to find my way, which wasn’t easy at my age and with my health issues. I felt very alone as I tried to put my life back together, so my vet encouraged me to adopt another dog. After a little while, I ventured out to the shelter, and there was Chloe. No one wanted her, but I did. We rescued each other. She’s my best friend and gives me something to live for.” – Kathy K.

    Chloe has been a lifeline for Kathy as she adjusts to the new normal. But money is tight and Kathy can’t cover the cost of her companion’s annual checkups and vaccines without help. Luckily, Kathy’s veterinarian told her about One Health Organization’s Voucher-based Pet Healthcare Program.

    Thanks to generous people like you, Kathy can keep her dog healthy with Vouchers worth up to $250 for basic veterinary care. Knowing that she has people like you by her side to help with this expense gives Kathy hope.

    There is no shortage of people with similar stories who need assistance in Northeast Ohio. In fact, there are thousands. The only limit to helping them is how much can be raised. This year, One Health Organization is aiming to provide Vouchers to at least 150 eligible households.

    You can make all the difference in whether an older adult who’s been through so much, like Kathy, is able to keep the companion that brings them joy. Your gift to One Health Organization will help people with big challenges care for their dogs and cats.

    Thank you in advance for caring about pets and their people. Your partnership is essential!

    Kathy K. and Chloe
    Kathy K. and Chloe
  • What is a One Health Hero?

    A One Health Hero is someone like you who takes action to keep pets & people healthy at home.

    There are One Health Heroes all around us. Irene is a One Health Hero because she rescued Gypsy from homelessness. She makes sure that Gypsy has a loving home with food and shelter. Gypsy is a One Health Hero because she rescues Irene from sadness, fear, and loneliness every day. But Irene is disabled; the monthly expenses for her own care are difficult to manage as it is.

    Irene wants to provide the medical care that Gypsy requires every year. She shouldn’t have to choose between her pet’s needs over her own needs. Without adequate veterinary care services, Gypsy can suffer from medical neglect and suffer undue pain and distress. The only way that Irene can afford veterinary care services for Gypsy is through your generosity.

    There are thousands of pets like Gypsy Rose and her person Irene living together in Northeast Ohio. We need you to help just one of these households.

    What does it cost to help pets like Gypsy Rose and people like Irene?

    • Annual veterinary care for one pet is about $250 (fees vary by a pet's individual needs and the veterinary care provider).
    • It costs about $50 to screen one applicant to determine financial need.
    • Providing a household with personalized resources that they may access costs about $25.
    • It costs about $12.50 to prepare, print, and send personalized Vouchers for pet healthcare services to one household.
    • Processing used Vouchers costs about $27.50 for every household.

    What can you do? You can be a One Health Hero by making a donation. 

    Take action now. Tomorrow may be too late. We need you to be their One Health Hero.

    Please consider making a donation of $5, $10, or more. Thank you for your kind consideration!

  • We received the cutest thank you note from Tony. While it’s directed at staff, the thanks really belongs to caring people like you! Our volunteers and donors. Thank you for helping people like Tony living with beloved pets, like Ginger. You made it possible for Tony to get Vouchers to get the essential veterinary care services that his beloved Ginger needs and deserves. 

  • Meet Gloria and her beloved, 7 year old cat Frankie, pictured left.

    Gloria needed to keep Frankie up to date on vaccinations and found out some surprising news from her veterinarian at Maple Heights Animal Hospital.

    We’re grateful for the support of generous donors, like you, to help people like Gloria keep her pet as healthy as possible. We know she cares about Frankie’s health because she sought vouchers from One Health Organization to help her pay her veterinary bills. You can feel good knowing that your donations are used to help people who are truly in financial need. We thank our donors for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

    This is her thank you note to you, our generous and thoughtful donors, and the unexpected news about Frankie’s health. 

  • Scamp, a 13 year old, large black dog was adopted from a shelter as a young pup by his person, Charlee, now a retired telephone communicator. Over his lifetime, Scamp was a true life saver – several times, in fact! He was that kind of dog. A first responder, of sorts.

    Scamp enjoyed looking outside rather than the camera

    Scamp helped Charlee when she fell. One year, Charlee fell decorating her Christmas tree. She had a concussion and the first thing she knew when she woke up was that Scamp was licking her. Another time, Charlee fell on some ice and broke her arm. Scamp pulled her to a safe place so she could use him to get back on her feet without falling again. 

    Whenever their home was in danger, Scamp protected all of the pets (even the iguana) and Charlee. Scamp scared an intruder who invaded their home. If there was a gas leak, carbon monoxide fumes, or a hot wire in the wall, Scamp would insist that they go outside so frequently, that she knew they had a problem in their home even before the alarms finally went off. 

    Charlee had to move several times in a short period of time. After every move, Scamp helped Charlee make new friends and helped her adjust to their new home.

    Scamp was even in tune with Charlee’s medical health! Whenever Charlee’s blood pressure would rise or her blood sugar was too low, Scamp would let Charlee know she needed to take care of herself (and not just him). 

    They loved taking walks together, and as he got older, Charlee made sure Scamp had pain medication to manage his chronic pain and see his veterinarian every 6 months. She needed to make sure she helped Scamp, the dog that saved her life so many times. He deserved to live a long, healthy life, even after she started living on a fixed income. She even moved so that she could afford to take care of him.

    That’s when tragedy struck, and generous people like you helped.

    Scamp needed a shirt to protect the stitches he received after the other dog attacked him

    Scamp was enjoying a walk in the park when all of a sudden, another dog attacked him! Charlee knew that he needed veterinary care right away. Because her regular veterinarian wasn’t available after hours, they went to see Dr. Brown at Tyler Animal Clinic. Scamp needed lots of stitches, and he was in a lot of pain. Thanks to Dr. Brown, he got that care. It was very expensive for Charlee who needed extra help affording any follow up care with his usual veterinarian, Dr. Earle Rogoff at Orange Village Animal Hospital

    Because of generous people like you, Scamp was able to get the excellent care he needed. Charlee got the Veterinary Payment Vouchers she needed from One Health Organization to afford the veterinary care that Scamp required when he was hurt and got professional help.

    We are pleased to say that Scamp lived a long and happy life with Charlee. He was able to live another 2 years before he was euthanized for humane reasons at the ripe old age of 15.

    If you want to help make sure that other dogs like Scamp can get the veterinary care they need, when they need it, please consider becoming a monthly, quarterly, or annual donor today.

    Thank you!

  • Meet Gypsy Rose

    Irene was a nurse until she broke her ankle just months before her retirement. Luckily, she was still allowed to keep her pension. That was many years ago and her fixed income hasn't kept up with her expenses now that she's in poor health.

    Her beloved dog Puff Daddy is no longer with her (he had to be euthanized because he was in poor health and in pain), so to keep her quality of life high, she adopted Gypsy Rose, another Pekingese dog she got from a rescue.

    Remembering Puff Daddy

    Thanks to caring people like you, Irene can live a healthy and happy life with Gypsy Rose. And Gypsy Rose is healthier than she's ever been!

    Please learn more about how you can help. Consider volunteering or making a donation.

  • Johnnie and her cat Missy are inseparable. Johnnie rescued Missy from a shelter so that she has a forever home, they both live in a residential facility for low-income seniors in a small apartment, and their household is a One Health Family Member receiving Vouchers to help afford veterinary care for Missy. Missy entertains Johnnie, prevents loneliness, and provides a source of unconditional love. Johnnie is grateful for the Vouchers she was able to receive from the generosity of people like you.

  • New One Health Family Member Tiffany cannot wait to get help for her beloved therapy dog-in-training; a veterinarian needs to examine his eyes and lumps on his belly. This is the story she wanted to share with our donors. 

    "Thank you so much for your help. Diesel helps me in so many ways. I have Aspergers Syndrome, depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. Diesel is in training to be my service dog. He will help me be able to be more independent and I hope someday I can even get a job where they will accommodate Diesel and myself. He has already learned "DPT" (deep pressure therapy) when I am on sensory overload or my anxiety is really bad he can lay on me which will help me relax. He is also learning to bring me my medications when I am having a meltdown.


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