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About Us

We are professionals, volunteers, and donors.

You can trust that we care about the health of people, animals, and the environments where they interact. 

Our Programs

Our programs help people living with dogs and cats in Northeast Ohio. We provide access to veterinary care through financial assistance to pet parents in need.

Our Donors and Volunteers

Donors and Volunteers are the heroes. They are responsible for improving lives and making all the difference in their communities.

They love animals, they love helping people, and they appreciate the special bond people have with their pets.

Our Experience

With nearly a quarter century of experience in biology, genetics, research, and veterinary medicine, our founder, Dr. Anna, believes that preventing the spread of diseases between animals and people is essential to creating a healthy community.

Through her training and experience, Dr. Anna has been able to create a large network of veterinarians and others to help provide services to animals and people in need.

Our Mission

To develop, sustain, and nurture healthy bonds between people and animals living together.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which animals and people can live healthy lives, together.

Our Purpose

One Health Organization exists to create sustainable, equitable, affordable healthcare systems to benefit the health of animals, people, and environments, as they relate to veterinary medicine.


One Health Organization values:

We are professionals and follow the code of ethics of leading professional groups, such as, but not limited to, the following:

We do not discriminate in recruitment, employment, or policy administration on the basis of race, religion, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation or status as a disabled veteran or other protected veteran under US Federal law.

We promote and practice inclusivity. We expect all volunteers, employees, vendors, and associates to similarly promote and practice inclusivity.

Definition of "One Health"

“One Health” is the collaborative effort of multiple health science professions, together with their related disciplines and institutions – working locally, nationally, and globally – to attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants, and our environment. -One Health Commission


We are dedicated to transparency. For copies of annual reports and IRS Form 990, you may visit our GuideStar page. You can also contact us if you have trouble accessing the files you want.