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Jose’s and Chico’s Story

Social distancing and the resulting loneliness and isolation is a constant reality for many older adults and people with disabilities. See how you can help…

Roberta’s, Pip’s and Victor’s Story

Many people, even those struggling to get by, will do anything for their pets. Read more about how One Health Organization helped Roberta…

Kathy K.’s and Chloe’s Story

As you know, life can change quickly. Read more to find out how life changed for Kathy…

You can be a One Health Hero to Gypsy Rose & Irene

Learn how you can be a One Health Hero to pets & people in need, like Gypsy Rose and Irene.

Tony Gives You Thanks for Helping Ginger

Read Tony’s Thank You Note. So sweet!

You Helped Gloria and her Cat Frankie

Meet Gloria and her beloved, 7 year old cat Frankie, pictured left. Gloria needed to keep Frankie up to date on vaccinations and found out some surprising news from her veterinarian at Maple Heights Animal Hospital. We’re grateful for the support of generous donors, like you, to help people like Gloria keep her pet as […]

Scamp, the hero dog you helped

Scamp was a hero to his person Charlee. His veterinarian saved Scamps life. A #OneHealthHero like you helped save Scamp through a donation to One Health Organization so Charlee could afford those veterinary fees.

Irene & her beloved dog Gypsy Rose, a One Health Family

Meet Gypsy Rose and her person Irene who loves and adores her.


Johnnie and her cat Missy are inseparable. Johnnie rescued Missy from a shelter so that she has a forever home, they both live in a residential facility for low-income seniors in a small apartment, and their household is a One Health Family Member receiving donor-paid benefits to help afford veterinary care for Missy.


New One Health Family Member Tiffany cannot wait to get help for her beloved therapy dog-in-training; a veterinarian needs to examine his eyes and lumps on his belly. This is the story she wanted to share with our donors.