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Earle M. Rogoff, DVM

Earle Rogoff

Dr. Earle Rogoff
Board Member
1st Vice President

Ambassador Goal

My bold goal is to support every family that can't afford essential veterinary care required to keep their pet healthy.

My goal to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of One Health Organization is to help 10 families a month afford veterinary care. With your help, each qualified One Health Family Member can receive up to $250 in Vouchers per year to help them pay for essential veterinary care services for their dogs and cats.

To reach this goal, I’m asking each pet lover I know to donate $25, $10, or more every month to support the Pet Healthcare Program and cover Voucher expenses. Furthermore, I challenge each pet lover to help grow the program by finding another pet lover to donate $25, $10, or more a month, as well.

Ambassador Statement of Support

I support One Health Organization because I’m involved as a Board Member and I’m passionate about animal health as a veterinarian.

My favorite story about how One Health Organization made a difference is when I received an email from them about an older woman Pauline who needed help affording the surgery to fix her dog Lil’ Girl’s broken leg. I love doing surgery and this sounded like a great opportunity to help keep costs as low as possible for Pauline and to help a pet in need. I'll never forget how grateful Pauline was when she picked up Lil’ Girl.

Why you should donate to this Ambassador

You should donate to help reach this goal because pet lovers like you understand the human animal bond. No one wants to see any pet suffering because their loving owner simply doesn’t have the financial means to attend to their needs. Too many pets are given up or euthanized over economics often robbing someone of the only unconditional source of affection they may have in their lives.

Thank you for considering making all the difference in the lives of pets and their people.