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Shaun Zalewski
Board Member

Ambassador Goal

My bold goal is to develop new leads and funds for the organization to support all of our programs ($385,000) in order to continue to help those pets and their people living in Northeast Ohio and one day expand outside the region.

My goal to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of One Health Organization is to raise $1,000 for the organization by the end of the year.

Ambassador Statement of Support

I support One Health Organization because being a dog owner I realize the impact having a pet can have on your physical and mental health. Coming home from a hard day at work is always easier to get over when you know you have a pet that will be excited to see you no matter what. You can't replace the feeling of seeing your dog run up to the window when you pull in the driveway and disappear because she is waiting for me at the garage door. No matter how my day has gone, when I walk in the door she is there wagging her tail feverously because she is so excited. That always makes my day instantly improve.

My favorite story about how One Health Organization made a difference is hearing the impact we make through the Pet Healthcare Program that allows pet owners to take their animals in for wellness veterinary care visits. It’s one of the main reasons I joined the organization as a Board Member.

Why you should donate to this Ambassador

You should donate to help reach this goal because this is one of the only organizations I have come across whose goal isn't getting animals adopted out of shelters, but keeping animals in their home with their current owners. By providing individuals with vouchers to help offset the cost of owning their pet we are keeping animals out of shelters and allowing individuals to never have to be in the tough position of choosing between themselves or their beloved pet.

Thank you for considering making all the difference in the lives of pets and their people.