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Meet your One Health Hero Ambassadors!

For the 10th year anniversary of One Health Organization, the Board and Staff are joining together to challenge each other to raise the funds needed to meet the mission to develop, sustain, and nurture healthy bonds between animals and people. Click on their photo to help them meet their personal fundraising goal between now and 7/3/2018.

Dr. Anna M. van Heeckeren, DVM, Founder, President & CEO
Kenyon Mau - Board Chair, 2nd Vice President, Board Member
Dr. Earle Rogoff, DVM - 1st Vice President, Board Member
Mark Tennant - Board Vice Chair, Board Member
Shaun Zalewski - Treasurer, Board Member
David Uhlendorff, JD - Secretary, Board Member
Julie Brosien-Molnar - Board Member
John Furlong - Board Member