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Valley College, a new veterinary assistant training program located in Brook Park, invited One Health Family Members for a chance to get free pet healthcare services. These included baths and toenail trims, blood and fecal tests to identify health problems, and vaccinations to prevent deadly diseases.

Services were provided by veterinary assistant students with the help of Valley College professional staff and professional volunteers, such as veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Valley College staff was also available to discuss anyone's interest in their educational programs.

Partnerships with organizations like Valley College are critical to opening avenues for low-income pet parents seeking services for their pets. Donors are vital to this process. Thanks to all of our donors and other supporters!

Veterinary assistant students of Valley College received hands-on training with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and volunteers.
Muttley Crue Rescue Table
Puppies, puppies, and more puppies!
Valley College staff greet Teddy before he gets the care he needs. His person is a One Health Family Member who was grateful for everyone's help.
Valley College veterinary assistant students take Teddy to get the services he needs.
Teddy getting a physical exam by Dr. Spansky.
Penney, a chihuahua mix, gets her physical exam. She's another lucky dog who belongs to a One Health Family Member.
Nicke, a Boxer mix, is waiting patiently for Max. Both of their people are One Health Family Members who shared a ride together.
Chico and his man - both One Health Organization beneficiaries. They look so happy together!
Precious is an adorable Dachshund who was rescued by his One Health Family Member.
This puppy hopes to get a forever home.
Dr. Spansky and Dr. Anna after the services were done. Thank you, Dr. Spansky, for your help!
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