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If you already know you want to become a Friend of One Health for a gift of $40 (or $20 for full time students or seniors), click here. Thank you!

If you need to know more before you make that commitment, please read on.

In the past, we called anyone who made a donation to One Health Organization a Friend of One Health at any level of support. This year we're doing something special.

Why you should become a Friend of One Health

Do you remember what happened to the people and their pets after Hurricane Katrina in 2005? It was just awful! One of the problems Dr. Anna observed when acting as a volunteer for the American Veterinary Medical Foundation is that not all pets had received adequate veterinary care services before the disaster. When those dogs and cats were scattered all over the country to get adequate shelter by caring people like you, some carried diseases that can accidentally spread to other pets and the people who care for them. As a veterinarian and public health professional, Dr. Anna knows this is a disaster within a disaster. 

We know that people with pets face certain challenges when a disaster strikes; it's even worse when those people or those pets are not prepared. While Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster of epic proportions and where you live might not be prone to the effects of a hurricane, we all need to be prepared for the every day disaster like a power outage, making sure we (people and pets) are vaccinated against preventable diseases, and our pets have adequate parasite control.

That's why we are committed to making sure that Friends of One Health help their families and those One Health Families (i.e. people who have a pet or are responsible for any animal) be prepared for the common day disaster no matter where it happens; in our community or in others. 

What does it mean to be a Friend of One Health?

If you care about keeping pets, people, and places healthy, we need you to become a Friend of One Health.

Friends of One Health make sure that they are prepared to deal with any day-to-day disaster, as well as the more devastating ones, by making sure that they are vaccinated against preventable diseases and the animals in their care are also current on their vaccinations as well as parasite control. Other measures are a bit more involved, but certainly manageable for any family if taken one easy and affordable step at a time.

Benefits of becoming a Friend of One Health

As a Friend of One Health, you help ensure that others in their community are similarly prepared through helping to raise funds to provide Vets On Wheels house calls services to those in need. In return, you will receive information about how to keep yourself and your One Health Family healthy and happy.

First, you will receive publications in the Disaster Preparedness Series, which include articles written by Dr. Anna M. van Heeckeren, an expert in how One Health Families (i.e. people who live with pets) can be prepared to manage any disaster. Kits will be made available for purchase for those who just don’t know how to get started, one component at a time to make it affordable for anyone.

Next, you will also receive information not only how to prepare yourself, but how to help prepare pets and people in your community for any disaster.

Finally, One Health News, available in print and online, will be delivered once quarterly. In it, you will read about specific zoonotic diseases, stories about One Health Families who have been helped by our programs, the volunteers and financial contributors who get involved, special event announcements, and items for sale at the One Health Market and Boutique that give back.

It’s easy to become a Friend of One Health.

Sign up your household at the low annual cost of $40. If you are lucky enough to be a senior (55 or older), or are investing in yourself as a full time student, then the cost is reduced to $20.

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For more information about becoming a Friend of One Health, send Dr. Anna an e-mail or call Dr. Anna at (216) 920-3051.

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